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4/22/2007 6:21:30 PM
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6/19/2007 4:59:20 PM






Final Fantasy VI  

.: Final Fantasy VI

Long ago, the War of the Magi reduced the world to a scorched wasteland, and magic simply ceased to exist.

1000 years have passed... Iron, gunpowder, and steam engines have been rediscovered, and high technology reigns...

But there are some who would enslave the world by reviving the dread destructive force known as "magic."

Can it be that those in power are on the verge of repeating a senseless and deadly mistake?

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Game Boy Advance, PlayStation, SNES

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My name is Ebi Furya. Review Done By: Ebi Furya
Review Written For: SNES
Score: 10

This is one awesome game. This was the game that truly hooked me on the Final Fantasy series. For the first time, the Crystals which have defined the Final Fantasy series are gone. Magic is believed to be dead. The only ones who know any better are the last few remaining mages left after the War of the Magi, the Empire and of course, Terra and Celes.

When I think which Final Fantasy is my personal favorite, I have a hard time deciding between 7 and this one. This story is a masterpiece. The emotion that is conveyed is unlike anything I've ever played before. There are many occasions where I want to jump in the game and beat the crap out of Kefka and his cohorts...

The only real downside to the game is the fact that you have to wait so long to start learning magic through the use of the Espers you can find. But once you find them and start building up your magic, you become nearly unstoppable.


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