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Welcome to Genie's Juke Box. Below is a listing of all the music currently available at Genie's House. Select a category on the left to view the songs on the right. Then select a song and it will begin to play.

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.: Super Mario 64

Game MIDI File Bobomb Battlefield Rating: 10

0m 36s - Short, but not bad.

Game MIDI File Bobomb Battlefield & Credits Rating: 10

5m 53s - Both tracks are in the same MIDI.

Game MIDI File Boo's Merry Go Round Rating: 8

0m 57s - I like this one.

Game MIDI File Bowser Final Showdown Rating: 10

2m 26s - Nice!

Game MIDI File Bowser Level Rating: 8

1m 50s - Not sure which Bowser Level.

Game MIDI File Bowser Showdown Rating: 8

2m 15s - Not too bad of a song

Game MIDI File Castle Rating: 6

2m 12s - Just so so

Game MIDI File Credits Rating: 10

3m 15s - Very well done.

Game MIDI File Docks 1 Rating: 10

5m 12s - A little different instrumentation, but still good.

Game MIDI File Docks 2 Rating: 10

3m 00s - A remix

Game MIDI File Docks 3 Rating: 10

5m 12s - So soothing…ahhhhhh.

Game MIDI File Endless Stairs Rating: 8

1m 56s - It just keeps going and going and going…lol

Game MIDI File File Select 1 Rating: 2

0m 38s - Ick!

Game MIDI File File Select 2 Rating: 10

1m 19s - Much better.

Game MIDI File Hazy Maze Cave Rating: 8

2m 31s - different.

Game MIDI File I'ma Tired [Wav File] Rating: 6

0m 04s - A wav file of when Mario sits down after you don't touch the controls for a while.

Game MIDI File Metal Cap 1 Rating: 8

0m 54s - Well, it is what it is…

Game MIDI File Metal Cap 2 Rating: 6

0m 54s - Remixed

Game MIDI File Secret Slide Rating: 8

2m 42s - Not bad.

Game MIDI File Snow Rating: 10

3m 02s - A good one of the snowy levels.

Game MIDI File Vanish Cap Rating: 4

0m 49s - Eh…

Game MIDI File Wing Cap Rating: 8

0m 35s - Nice!

Game MIDI File Wing Cap - Remix Rating: 6

0m 59s - An ok remix


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