About 2 Geeks

2 Geeks was formed in August 2008 by two guys in Southwest Missouri, Delbert Fletcher and Michael Lackey. Both of them share a passion for programming and have done several projects for fun together prior to forming 2 Geeks. It was through their collaboration that they decided to spread their creations online and continue to work together. This is where 2 Geeks Online was officially formed.

Delbert Fletcher has been programming for nearly 20 years, starting with QuickBasic and moving into Visual Basic 4 and Visual Basic 6. His creations span from DOS applications to Windows to Pocket PC 2002 and even for the TI-86 Graphing Calculator. Delbert has the knowledge and experience to write software for almost anything.

Michael Lackey has been programming for about 10 years. He began writing "Access Applications" using Microsoft Access Databases and Visual Basic for Applications. Once he had built enough experience up, he began to move to Visual Basic 6 and hasn't looked back since. Michael has dabbled with .Net but prefers VB6 over anything else. Michael's programming experience is more business and database oriented.

Together, these two gentlemen compliment each other quite well. Often, what one doesn't know or cannot figure out, the other one does. When one thinks their program is done, the other will almost always find a bug. Working together, Delbert & Michael can create good, stable applications in a wide array of categories.