Material Calculator (Freeware)

Calculate the amount of material required for a job with ease using 2 Geeks' Material Calculator.

The Material Calculator calculates the amount of raw material bars required for the specified number and size of pieces. It can tell how much is required for both lathe and milling machines. It will tell you exactly how long each individual piece is going to be in length, the total length of all pieces needed and how many pieces per bar of material you will get. It also will tell you how many full-sized bars are needed and, if applicable, any additional material.

For example, let's say we are going to run a part on a lathe machine. We use 48" bars for our material. The order is for 50 pieces and they are 4.75" long each. Our cutter tool is 0.25" wide and the lathe has to hold on to 3" of material to run. With those figures, will get the following results:

            Length of Each Piece: 5 inches
            Total Length of All Pieces: 250 inches
            You will get 8 pieces per bar.

            It will take 6 43" bars
            plus an additional bar 13" long

            Total Material Used: 301 inches.

System Requirements

Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7.
The 2 Geeks Material Calculator is a stand-alone program that takes up less than 1 MB of space. If you have a computer running any of the Windows Operating Systems listed above, you shouldn't have any issues running the Material Calculator. (NOTE: This program has not yet been tested on Windows 8. We cannot guarantee it will work for this new Operating System.)

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